How To Shoot A Time-lapse

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
How To Shoot A Time-lapseLike0

Reveal The Hands Of Time

Time-lapse photography is a popular and creative way to capture something that occurs over a period of time. Instead of looking to freeze action with your camera, time-lapse photography gives you the option to create video-like movement out of still frames. You’re telling a story through motion with time-lapse, instead of trying to capture a moment with one frame.  But it requires some planning, and a little math if you want to create something that really looks nice. I created a tutorial for B&H Photo and Video that goes over the gear you’ll need to shoot a time-lapse with a DSLR and the formula to help you understand how many frames you’ll need to shoot. It also covers some tips for getting your best results with a DSLR.  And you’ll learn a very simple way to build your time-lapse in Premiere Pro.

Time-lapse With Your Phone

If you absolutely hate math, waiting and lugging your DSLR around, then try the time-lapse mode on your phone. The one on the iPhone is actually pretty genius. You don’t have to know how long your going to shoot, but you should shoot for at least 5-10 minutes. The phone automatically adjusts how many frames it’s taking per second as the time increases. Then it doubles the speed of the time-lapse. Basically it can take any time-lapse from 10 minutes to over an hour and create a clip between 20-40 seconds long, and you don’t have to do ANYTHING. The trick is to make sure the phone is stabilized, either on a tripod or gaff taped to something. Because the phone’s camera sensor is small, it will work best in bright light conditions. And the best part is, you can upload this time-lapse directly to your social sites without any editing required.

Aside from just being a cool thing to shoot, time-lapse is a great way to shake loose a creative block. If you are having trouble with photography, trying something so simple but completely new may free up your mind to travel in a different direction. That’s a great way to knock some boulders loose in your brain so that when you are ready to go back and tackle that photography project, ideas may come a little easier. Taking a break and trying something different may give your brain the time it needs to reset and get primed for creativity.

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